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How your CV is read.

How your CV is read.   The question is never really asked on how to read a CV or how a CV is read for that matter. It’s amazing more emphasis is not put on this as effective reading of a CV is not only an extremely useful skill for candidates but also is a must […]

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The Big Smoke, or the Next Big Thing?

The Big Smoke, or the Next Big Thing?   When I moved From Dublin’s Fair City to Cork for work opportunities, I wasn’t sure how I’d settle in in a city where at one point people were petitioning to have separate passports to the rest of the country. The root of that very concern is […]

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Back to work

Back to work   Some of the Memes for #backtowork are brilliant. It’s always hard to switch back into work mode: from the couch eating chocolates to the desk typing emails is a big step but it seems to be much easier for some people. I was greeted this morning with some early tweets from […]

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Negotiating Salary

Negotiating Salary   It’s always difficult negotiating one’s salary. Even if are a seasoned professional and have gone through the process multiple times the fact that you are sitting in front of your employer agreeing on how both of you value your contribution to the organization will inevitably get personal? This is the big reason […]

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Leading the Y’s

Leading the Y’s   Do you know what Gen Y’s ideal boss is? Are you it? Remember your boss could be a Gen Y’r themselves. So what the new workforce consider a good leader?   1. Above all, A Mentor. To be a mentor/coach you need to invest in your team. Feeling valued and appreciated […]

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Coffee Meetings

Coffee Meetings   Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds of berries from the Coffea plant; so coffee beans aren’t beans they are berry fruit pits. This means as I traverse the coffee shops around Ireland meeting candidates, clients, and other interesting people, I’m contributing to my five a day. In fact, more often than not […]

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Video Enhanced the Recruitment Star

Video Enhanced the Recruitment Star   I think I’ve heard it about a million times. HR/Recruitment is going to be replaced by technology. Well, I say bring it on. If there is a silver tech bullet that will complement the industry professional’s searching capabilities, ensuring that recruiter’s data and networks are working towards identifying great […]

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Interview Faux Pas

Interview Faux Pas   As recruitment consultants, we spend a lot of time with candidates prior to the meeting with a client for an interview for several reasons. How a person behaves in a relaxed environment, and how they behave under pressure are two totally different beasts.  We like to focus on a few key […]

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Generation Y and the new Working World Order

Generation Y and the new Working World Order   The new generation has embedded itself into the workforce. Gen Y, which is defined as people born between 1983 – 1995 actually now comprises of around 18% of our workforce and with this new generation come some very new demands and desires.   Flexible Hours Flexibility […]

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